Ghost Note Audio Vader 140 Preamp Pack (Ampeg VH140)

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Ghost Note Audio Vader 140


This is the Ghost Note Audio Vader 140 Preamp which is based upon the fabled Ampeg VH140. One of the standout features of the VH-140C is its extreme gain capability. The gain on this amp can be dialed up to levels that border on insanity, delivering a wall of distortion that's perfect for churning out those crushing, heavy riffs that define death metal. You will need a Power Amp and your own impulse responses. I used the VHT 2902 (V6 P7 B10 Voicing 2) Power Amp which can be downloaded on Tonehunt, credit to the original poster, their stuff is superb. I recommend that you use a boost up front, tubescreamer or SD-1 style will suffice. The Normalizer off is far louder than when on. You might want to tweak the NAM EQ, Input and Output levels to suit your taste and set up. I have captured the preamp at various gain stages and the names of each file contain the settings and pedal details where applicable. The pedals I used and captured as a boost where Black Country Customs Tony Iommi Boost, EQD Plumes on Mode 2, Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Wazacraft, Boss SD-1 and ProCo Rat. Information:- Reamp Box: Joyo JDI-48 Interface: Universal Audio Volt 2 DAW: Reaper Models: Feather Epochs: 200


Tone Hunt:The user may download and load the data file into software, and utilize or publish the outputs from said software resulting from use of the aforementioned data file without royalty or restriction. The user may not upload, or otherwise republish, or distribute the data file without express permission from the author of the aforementioned data file.

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