How is ToneHunt funded?

ToneHunt is funded primarily through single donations from individuals around the world. We could also receive additional fundings from partners, affiliates and companies supporting our platform. We also do special events, like fundraising, in order to raise additional funds.

Why donations?

One of our core values is to make ToneHunt accessible for everyone, free of charge. But like any other platform, we do have costs to cover in order to keep things running and evolving. While we do have plans to add other ways for fundings, donations are a quick and easy way to start getting funds.

How are these funds being used?

We are using these funds mainly to cover costs for: servers, hosting, cloud services, development, maintenance, support, legal and 3rd party services/solutions.

How can I donate?

Thank you for even considering making a donation to ToneHunt. We are currently using BuyMeACoffee as the platform/service to manage all donations and fundraising. It’s an easy, secure and reliable way to handle donations. The platform accepts all major Credit Cards, Apple Pay and Google Play.

For more information about BuyMeACoffee, please visit:

To make a donation, click the link below:


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