What started as a community effort from a Facebook group to organize NAM files, ToneHunt has become the largest repository online of models for platforms like Neural Amp Modeler, Aida-X and Proteus.

We are a community-driven platform where users can upload and share their captures of amps, fullrigs, pedals, signal chains and much more. But mainly, users have a place to explore different models, discover new sounds and get inspired.

In just over a year, ToneHunt has become the place to get the best models for Neural Amp Modeler, Aida-X and Proteus, while expanding to support more platforms in the future. Not only models, but our collection of IRs is also growing and becoming very popular within the platform. With the continuous support of the community, ToneHunt will continue to grow and evolve into other ventures, while continuing making the platform the best place to discover new things and get inspired.

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