Custom Built 1968 KT66 Plexi

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Custom Built 1968 KT66 Plexi


KT66 powered 1968 Marshall JMP style amp. Note: You might have to turn the NAM input down to about -18dB to have a reasonable signal going into the model. On my Focusrite 2i2 I need to use -18dB On my ampero as interface I can use 0dB # Amp settings Plexi Channel 1 (bright) high input Volume 1: 7 Volume 2: 0 Presence: 3 Bass: 3 Mids: 7 Treble: 7 Lead (JMP) tonestack High (JTM) negative feedback Diode Rectifier # Signal Chain Reaper >> Hotone Ampero II Stomp >> Amplifier >> Two Notes Captor 8 >> Ampero >> Reaper # Training 500 Epochs, Standard Architecture: ESR: 0.007 # Nerd stuff This profile is of my own Plexi style amp that I built in 2015. It is practically a 1968 spec Marshall Plexi circuit but the power section was modified to use KT66 valves. because I only had a JTM45 output transformer. It currently has Genalex Gold Lions in it. Preamp valves are a mix of NOS and modern 12AX7s. The amp can be set to JTM or JMP Negative feedback values, JTM or JMP Tonestacks as well as Valve or diode rectification. The amp has a 4700pF bright cap which means it has no clean sounds on the high channel. Use guitar volume control for cleans.


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