Marshall 1960B - 4x12 Goodmans Audiom 12P

3 irs
27 days ago
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Marshall 1960B 4x12


I'm updating the IR of the Marshall 1960B cabinet with two Goodmans Audiom 12P that I had published before. All IRs were made using different eq match tools, using excerpts from this video: I took the excerpt of a riif that appears in 15:31 without any cabinet simulation, and I also took other excerpts from the video where guitar riffs are played using the cabinet in 4:50 and 5:43. I put these samples into the daw and used the ozone eq match plugin in layers to make the IR "Marshall 1960B - 4x12 Goodmans Audiom 12P Lewitt 1040". "Goodmans 12P Match Lewitt 1040" and "Goodmans 12P Match Shure SM57" were made using the eq match of the fabfilter pro-q 3.


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