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We have created a MNSTR!!! HW invented an amp like no other, we rigged up two incredible amp in a very unorthodox way and created a circuit that sound like nothing else out there. MNSTR is the full BC30 12AX7 or EF86 pre and EL84 power amp loaded down and brought to line level sent to EQ out to the EL34 Power Section of the Match Chief achieving gain staging in 3 separate tube sections and allows for independent control over break up and EQ of all 3 sections. The MNSTR sounds like a saturated, growl and roar while still maintaining qualities of Vox chime in the cleaner tones, from the EL84s and the some Plexi style brightness from the EL34s and Plexi style output section. Even when clean, the MNSTR has a unique explosive fuzz-like quality and when driven you can unlock unique violin type lead sustain. Full packs available at



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