Bray 4550 Deluxe V1 Preamp Tube Comparison [Hyper Accuracy]

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1 month ago
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Bray 4550 Deluxe


This is mainly a V1 preamp tube comparison experiment that I did with my Bray 4550 Deluxe, I've used the standard JJ ECC83S preamp tube along with a TAD selected 7025, a chinese 12AX7B, a TAD redbase ECC83. Some additonal lower gain captures were also included, made with the standard JJ in V1. The Hot as well as the Harmonic switches weren't engaged for this experiment. Very high quality 2000 epochs standard and complex training captures with very low ESR numbers. Made with the V3 Test Signal and the 0.8.1 trainer. The complex captures are closer to the real amp, in case you can't run them, I've also included very high quality standard captures. Signal Chain: UA Apollo X8 -> Walrus Audio Canvas Reamp Box -> Bray 4550 Deluxe -> Suhr Reactive Load Signal Chain Calibration: +12.4 dBu


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