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ProCo RAT 2 (1988)


ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)ProCo RAT 2 (1988)
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ProCo RAT 2


Here's my first proper IRL pedal, the very one, a 1988 ProCo RAT 2. This is not as iconic as a Fuzz Face, Tube Screamer, Klon or Big Muff, but it is still a classic pedal. It can almost do it all, from clean boost, trough overdrive and distortion, 'till even fuzz-alike. One funny thing about this pedal: The filter. It's useable range is very narrow. And it shifts as you increase the drive. Low gain settings requires filter settings on the supposedly bright side, Wich in fact is dark, oposite of most other pedals, Turn up the gain, and it's the other way around, So distortion clockwise means filter counterclockwise. I have tried to capture this with six useable filter settings per gain level. I hope I have succeded. But I have to warn you: This is a noisy pedal! You will need a gate or some kind of noise reduction! BTW, I did not make the last 1/8 or so of the gain range (even though it says 1-10). The ESR crept up dramatically, and it just did not sound good when I came near the end of the distortion dial. So this is ALMOST the whole gain range of the RAT. Enjoy at your own risk! Like my work? Feel free to use as I have drunk shitloads of coffee to make this... Captured at 12,1 dBU Reamp files normalized @ -3db


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