Celestion Vintage 30 - Eminence 2x12 IR

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Celestion Vintage 30


24Bit 48kHz - 500ms - MPT Format Fredman Mics are not MPT Impulse Responses - 2019 Celestion Vintage 30 in Eminence XTC212-BT 2x12 Cabinet A Classic Lead 80 is loaded in the other position, but not mic'd Naming Convention V30 2x12 <Mic Model> <Distance from Center> <Distance Off Grill> <Off Axis Angle, if applicable> Mic Models: -013 - Soyuz 013 FET Small Diaphragm Condensor -545 - Shure 545SD -Ball - Blue Ball -BU87IC - Beesneez BU87I C Large Diaphragm Condensor -DRI100 - Digital Reference DRI100 -E906 - Sennheiser E906 all 3 settings -I5 - Audix I5 -LR100 - Monoprice LR100 Ribbon -M69 - Beyerdynamic M69TG -M88 - Beyerdynamic M88TG -M160 - Beyerdynamic M160 Ribbon -M201 - Beyerdynamic M201TG -MD421 - Sennheiser MD421 II -OM2 - Audix OM2 -OR57 - Shure SM57 w/ Crimson Orange Mod Handle -SM48 - Shure SM48 -ST170 - Sterling ST170 Ribbon -WA47JR - Warm Audio WA47JR Large Diaphragm Condensor in Figure 8 Equipment Used: -Behringer A800 Power Amp -Chameleon Labs 7603 Microphone Preamp -Steinberg UR824 Audio Interface -Voxengo Deconvolver -CAPI VP28 for Fredman Mic Fredman Mic IRs are: V30 2x12 FRED OR57 0.0in 0in.wav V30 2x12 FRED 545 1.0in 0in OA55.wav 10sec sine sweeps were used to excite speaker


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