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Negative Dynamite - All About Oil | Full Rig pack Demo

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7 months ago
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Alien Monster 15 plus other stuff


All About Oil is the first single of my band Negative Dynamite. This is a full rig pack captured directly from the song's mixing sessions, taken from various stages until the final mix. The result is an "original mix" which will let you sound exactly as the guitar in our song's specific mixing context, as well as 9 variations, which can fit better into other sonic scenarios, while still getting the same kind of tone. It is based on a handmade Brazilian valve amp (Alien Monster 15) boosted with a 10 band eq pedal and going to a 4x12 V30 cab miked with an sm57, followed by some processing and eq. Here it's a Demo, variation 09, and you can get the full pack for free as well as other songs' packs by subscribing to our Youtube channel via the following link: https://show.co/cHcvXCh Here you can listen to the song on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/intl-es/album/26HLQGGDUBcaWy6m5UYDCo



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