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Crate VTX 350H Channel 3 Full Rig by Bryan Holmes

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1 year ago
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Crate VTX 350H


These are the first NAM profiles I release (much more coming soon). There was a lot of dedication to make it sound good, I hope you like this pack and is useful for your needs! You can support my work by donating here: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?business=QY7JT5DWJB7NA&no_recurring=1&currency_code=BRL This is a full rig pack containing the first ever NAM captures from channel 3 of the Crate VTX 350H head, which is said to be the same circuit of the Ampeg VH-140C, mainly known for 90's death metal tones (the only difference would be the high knob's frequency being a little higher on this amp). It includes normal and boosted (TS) profiles, going to Brazilian speaker BGT InFlames and Celestion V30, both with 2 different eq settings to offer more versatility for this rather scooped channel (Eq1 sounds more like the original amp and Eq2 compensates the mids a little). Gain at halfway (5) and almost full (9), but if you lower the input on NAM it reacts in a very natural way in case you want less gain. Audio chain was Reaper DAW, Presonus Quantum 2 interface, Radial Reamp, VTX's channel 3 with just one eq dialed (both with and without a Tube Screamer with level 10 and gain 0, tone was like 6 out of 10), then a 2x12 closed cab front-loaded with 8 Ohms BGT InFlames and a 4x12 back-loaded with 8 Ohms Celestion V30's, mic was an SM57 very close and near the center (on the BGT it had a little angle), then back to the Quantum, which has good enough preamps and I didn't want to saturate them so didn't bother trying others, after that I used 2 different eq's for each capture, and I think that's it. Of course many tests, tweaks, training and final version was done with 500 epochs.



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