BGT Speakers InFlames 2x12 IRs by Bryan Holmes

22 irs
1 year ago
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BGT Speakers InFlames


BGT is a Brazilian company making amazing speakers for guitar and bass cabinets. It was the first local brand to use hemp cones in some of their models. InFlames was released in late 2022, it uses a Celestion paper cone and is voiced in such a way that works great for rock and metal guitar tones. I emptied an old, cheap though robust closed-back 2x12 amp and made a cabinet out of it, then installed a pair of 8 Ohms InFlames (front-loaded). Instantly became one of the favorite cabs I own (together with a V30 4x12), so I thought it was a good idea to share some IR captures of this. Since it's a rather small company, I talked personally with Carlos from BGT Speakers to let him know and he showed excited by the initiative. As far as we know, these are the first IRs ever made of a BGT-loaded cab. Signal chain was: Reaper > Presonus Quantum 2 > Radial Reamp > Crate VTX 350H power amp > Cab > SM57 > Sound Skulptor MP573 preamp (Neve clone with Carnhill transformers) > Quantum 2 > Reaper. I captured 11 different mic positions (7 tight close and 4 a couple of inches away) without any post-processing, then made a more scooped version of each one for my personal use/workflow using a simple 3-band eq, included here as well. I hope these IRs are useful to your needs! You can support my work by donating here:


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