Alien Monster 15 by Bryan Holmes

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Alien Monster 15


Update: I made an addendum you can download to complement this pack, I highly recommend it: Alien was a Brazilian tube amp company founded by Ronaldo Brito in 2006 and was active for a decade or so. These amps use top notch components and sound really good. I've heard the Monster 15w (as well as the 50w version) is designed around a Soldano Hotrod, but since I've never played one in real life I couldn't confirm, I just know I'm loving this chug machine so far. Mine has five ECC83 (JJ & Mullard) for the preamp and two 6V6S (JJ) for the power section, which can be attenuated down to 2w. Captures were done at about halfway, which sounded the best for what I was looking for. This pack includes profiles from my favorite setting for the tone stack, at different gain levels for both channels, and I also added some boosted captures with post eq, four IRs (4x12 V30 miked with an Audix i5) and two boosted full rigs. I hope you enjoy! You can support my work by donating here:


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