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Alien Monster 15 Addendum (new boost, full rigs and IRs)

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9 months ago
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Alien Monster 15


This is an update for the Alien Monster pack I released two days ago, just throw these files into the same containing folder. You can download it here: https://tonehunt.org/BryanHolmes/1a3afdc4-6709-4fd5-b71c-3911877564e2 I got this amp a week ago and I'm still getting to know it better. I just found out that I like it more when boosted by my 10-band eq pedal than the overdrive pedal I used on the original pack, so here I include 2 captures of the eq pedal, thus you can boost the original unboosted profiles. Just add another instance of NAM before the amp and load the "Boost Caline_Eq" file. You may want to tweak the input, output and/or eq for this, for instance, when used before the Alien Monster with a specific IR, on Eq1 I'd rise the output in 10dB, while on Eq2 I'd just turn down the bass at NAM's eq section. Of course that will depend on the IRs you are using, and here I included 2 new IRs that I found I like maybe more than those I put on the original pack. Last but not least, I included also 3 new Full Rigs, which are super low noise (to the point you can turn your noise gate off and let that sustain sound until it ends naturally. These can still be boosted a little more, and post eq will help the tone as well. In other words... have fun! You can support my work by donating here: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?business=QY7JT5DWJB7NA&no_recurring=1&currency_code=BRL


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