Ceriatone King Kong 100W with the Legendary Tones Mr. Scary (16 dBu)

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Ceriatone King Kong 100W


8 Direct profiles of the Ceriatone King Kong 100W with the Legendary Tones Mr. Scary mod in the V2 position. Pure tube distortion - no Jose clipping engaged. • Profile type: direct (cabinet IRs required) • Tubes: v1 TungSol, v2 Mr. Scary Mod, v3 Mullard i63 ECC83, v4 JJ ECC83S, v5 Tesla E83CC, 4 x JJ EL34II in poweramp • Signal chain : MOTU M4 -> SignalArt Reamp -> Ceriatone King Kong 100W -> Behringer GI100 -> Suhr RL -> Behringer GI100 -> Motu M4 • Reamp chain calibrated for: 16 dBu • How to use the "calibration (dBu)" value:


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